Tori, A Dolphin Inspiration.

Tori, Lifelong Swimmer.

Tori’s story doesn’t begin or end with swimming, but swimming is woven throughout her inspirational story. As a seven year old child, her parents enrolled Tori in swim lessons at DSC. As a youth, water helped her sharpen her competitive edge. As a teen, DSC gave her the job skills and lessons in responsibility needed to succeed. As an adult, she continues to inspire others.

Tori, the beginning of a swimmer.

Tori  started swimming as a seven year old at Dolphin Swim Club of Crystal Lake back when they were teaching in the swimming pool of the Holiday Inn. Tori loved to swim! She worked her way through the levels, eventually ending up on our recreational swim team.


Tori, Competitive Swimmer and Outstanding Student.

Tori loved swimming so much that she wanted to take her swimming to the next level. Tori tried out and made a travel swim team, the Paletine Tigersharks. In High School, Tori continued to swim but added a slew of other activities and honors to her resume. Tori was not only challenging herself in the water and academically, she was involved in many plays and musicals during her time at Marian Catholic High School. 

Tori, Using Swimming Skills as a First Job

Tori turned back to Dolphin Swim Club when she was ready for her first job. Hired as a swim instructor in 2016, she underwent a rigorous training program that prepared her to teach a new generation of swimmers! Tori quickly became known as a quiet and serious instructor that paid close attention to detail. She excelled at refining strokes with our advanced swimmers. Her background in being both a student and a competitive swimmer gave her a special edge with our swimmers struggling with the fine details of the breaststroke and the butterfly.  Tori was instrumental in helping create the phenominal programming for our Crystal Lake advanced stroke clinics that debuted in the summer of 2017.

Tori, College Student.

Tori began attending college in the fall of 2017. Her success in academics and extra curricular activities helped her gain acceptance into the prestigious Loyola University where she is studying Neuroscience. Much to everyone’s pleasure, Tori returns to DSC during school breaks to continue to teach and inspire children in our waters. 


Swimming = Success for Tori

Tori was born with a go-getter attitude and blessed with parents that saw the benefits of an active and healthy child! Swimming can’t take all of the credit for Tori’s strong work ethic and success in life, but we like to think that Dolphin Swim Club helped a little! . There are studies that suggest that swimming at a young age actually boosts the ability to reach milestones earlier. Whatever factors were at play, we are proud of Tori and are happy that she is a part of the Dolphin Family!

She is truly an inspiration and a Dolphin Success Story!!



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