Dolphin Swim Club is a swim school….but we are SO much more than a place you dedicate a short amount of time to and never think of again. In our waters and between our walls something amazing happens…kids learn that they can do ANYTHING.  Our stories include a child that never felt comfortable in team sports until they jumped in the water to find a sport that suits them and friends that understand them.  Hear about a child that was afraid of water that now is the first in the pool every week. Meet a new mom that found support and lifelong friend in a baby swim class. Fall in love with a child who swam with us at 6 who is now working teaching a new generation.  You will be moved by the Grandparent that brought their child to class every week and got to see them grow in real time, not just through Facebook posts.

Whether you fulfill your dreams, overcome a fear, or find friends in the pool or in the waiting room. Dolphin swim club is different. Let us show you why.  In this blog, we will highlight real stories; the kids, the parents, the staff….the heart of Dolphin Swim Club. Get to know us, and let us know you. Please share your success story and photos with