The first Friday evening of every month

Turn two feet into one mermaid tail at Dolphin Swim Club’s Mermaid University! You will learn to float, twirl, spin, and swim safely while living out their mermaid and merman dreams! Your merpod leader will play games, lead activities, guide formations, and create photo opportunities! Whether you want to become a mermaid or just get a core-strengthening workout, Mermaid University is a dream come true!

1 hour Mermaid University classes for
Sprites : beginning swimmers ages 4-10 with an adult in water with them.
Pixies : strong swimmers ages 6-14
Seamaidens: adults age 15 and up

Classes run 1x a month, you can sign up for as many sessions as you like!

Mermaid Open Swim Sessions

Enjoy life in the merpod during our Mermaid Only Open Swim sessions! Swim, meet other merpeople, and enjoy the warm salt water at your own pace.

3:00-5:00 on the third Saturday of every month

This event is appropriate for all ages, but merchildren children under the age of 12 must have an adult present and in the water with them (unless they have participated in prior Mermaid University classes at Dolphin Swim Club.)

Please register on our website or by contacting our front desk. Registration is required for Mermaid University and strongly suggested for open swim. Space is limited. Limited beginner rental fins are available, please reserve in advance to guarantee availability.