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At Dolphin Swim Tennis Club, we are committed to improving your summer by providing a great location for your fun summer activities with friends and family. We offer three pools of different sizes and depths for all skill levels, diving boards, a whale slide, four tennis courts, four basketball hoops, an adults-only hot tub area, a playground, picnic tables, a snack bar, outdoor grill, kitchen facilities, party shelter, and much more!
The Dolphin staff and management would like to welcome all of our members and guests and we hope you have a great time with friends and family at the pool.

Club Amenities
  • Big Pool: 3-12ft deep, high dive, low dive, water basketball
  • Middle Pool: 2-4ft deep, children’s slide
  • Baby Pool: 18in deep, fenced in, painted characters
  • Playground: 2 slides, climbing bars, baby swings, rubber mulch
  • Tennis Courts: 2 clay courts, 2 Sport Courts, wind screens
  • Basketball Hoops: 2 regulation-height hoops, 2 children’s-height hoops
  • Locker Rooms: Showers, bathrooms, ample lockers
  • Snack Bar: Hot food, cold drinks, chips, candy, ice cream
  • Snack Bar Patio: Shaded and covered seating areas
  • Party Shelter: Large covered patio with seating for up to 32
  • Outdoor Grill: Gas grill for member use
  • Game Field: Large fenced-in field for ball sports
  • Games: Tether ball, four square, knock hockey, zoom zoom
  • Shade Trees: Several large trees provide areas out of the sun
  • Lawn Chairs: Chaise lounge and sitting chairs
  • Picnic Tables: Picnic tables and umbrellas

Dolphin Swim And Tennis Club offers a variety of teams and lessons for the kids to enjoy all summer.

Tennis Lessons

Tennis lessons offered please call for details.

Adult Night

On occasional Saturday evenings Dolphin Swim and Tennis Club will be open only to adults. Up to 2 guest per family are allowed free of charge.

Outdoor Grill

The outdoor grill is equipped with a gas-fired charcoal grill. Members must be at least 16yrs old to use the grill.

Eating areas

Eating is allowed in the picnic table area and also in the snack bar patio area. Eating is not allowed in the lounge chair or on the pool decks. Please do not bring glass containers of any kind.


To obtain a free locker for the day, please ask for a key at the front desk, where staff will record your name and locker number. There will be a $5 charge for lost keys. Summer locker rental is $15.

Monday Night Meets

On three Mondays during the season, the club will close at 4:00pm to host home swim/dive meets.

Lost and Found

All lost-and-found items will leave the club on the 1st and 15th of each month. Items that are labeled, as well as non-labeled items that are expensive, will be kept for 30 days.

Check In

As you enter the club, you must stop at the front desk to be checked in. This is a very important procedure for accurate attendance records and to control entrance into the club. All members must have their membership cards when entering the club. No exceptions.

Snack Bar

The snack bar has limited storage and, therefore, may occasionally run out of some menu items. Family tabs for the snack-bar purchases are available, and a new and easier billing system is available. Call the front desk for details.

Heath Related Rules (Illinois Department of Public Health)
  1. Do not swim if you have a non healed wound, a contagious disease, or an  infected condition (especially diarrhea).
  2. Do not swallow or put pool/spa water in your mouth.
  3. Wash hands with soap and water after using the toilet or changing a diaper.
  4. Change diapers in the locker room at the designated changing station.
  5. Take small children for frequent bathroom breaks.
  6. Wash your child thoroughly with soap and water before swimming.
  7. All non potty trained children shall wear tightly fitting rubber or plastic pants.
  8. Do not wear band-aids or other bandages in the pool/spa.
  9. Immediately report any fecal or vomit accidents to the staff.
General Club Rules
  • No running on cement
  • No climbing on swings
  • No playing in the bathrooms
  • No kids in the snack bar or in the office
  • No glass containers of any kind
  • Lounge chairs are on a first come, first serve basis
  • No reserving chairs for friends or family
  • If chairs are full, children under 16 years of age will be asked to relinquish their chair to an adult
  • Radios and personal cd players are allowed but please bring your headphones
  • Limit knock hockey games to 10 minutes if other are waiting
  • No smoking inside the fenced in pool and tennis area or the clubhouse
General Pool Rules
  • No dunking
  • No pushing
  • No sitting on shoulders
  • No hanging on the ropes
  • No hanging on the basketball net
  • No throwing people in the pool
  • No back dives or flips off the pool side
  • No swimming by the diving boards
  • No using swim team starting blocks
  • No waiting on diving boards during adult breaks
  • No masks, fins or snorkels allowed
  • No toys allowed in the middle or big pools
  • Rubber balls, koosh balls and torpedoes ARE allowed
Diving Board Rules
  • Wait at the bottom of the stairs for your turn
  • Make sure water is clear before going off diving board
  • Only 1 bounced permitted
  • Jump straight ahead off of the boards
  • Swim to nearest side
  • No hanging on the diving board
Floatation Rules
  • Big pool - No floatation devices allowed (except babies in an adult's arms)
  • Middle pool - Attached flotation devices like water wings, back floats and swimsuits with built in floatation are permitted no rings, rafts, baby seat floats, etc.)
  • Baby pool - All flotation devices other than big rafts are permitted
Tennis Rules
  • No black-soled shoes or bare feet allowed on courts
  • No flip-flops allowed on courts
  • Court reservations are available for 1 hour at a time
  • A court reservation is canceled if your party has not yet arrived at 10 minutes after the hour
  • Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance

Celebrate graduation, a birthday, or host your company gathering at Dolphin Swim & Tennis Club, and it will be the party everyone will talk about for years to come! The party shelter and tables will be reserved for your party. You are welcome to come early and decorate. Party guests do not count towards your membership guest pass limit. All parties require a 50% non-refundable deposit when booking to ensure reservation. Parties are reserved for members of both our indoor and outdoor facilities.

Call if you have questions or want more details.

Who is the responsible person?

You, the parent, are. Take care to first enter in your information, or the information of the person you want in control of the account, into the “Create responsible person for new family” form under Personal Details. You will be prompted to enter in your child’s information on the next screen.

How do I know how to choose the right class?

The two key factors in choosing a class that will work well for your student are:
Level: Read through our level descriptions on our website. Pick the one the best matches your student’s current comfort level and experience but still has new skills your child needs to learn. When trying to decide between two levels, always pick the lower. It is better to have one lesson where your child excels than to have a too difficult class that overwhelms your child and makes him/her nervous to come back. Our teachers will always let you know right away if there is a more appropriate level for your student. Please also feel free to call us for our advice on which level to choose.
Age: We truly teach to all ages and abilities, which means we have Starfish classes with new two year-olds and Starfish classes with twelve year-olds. To make every child comfortable and for the best learning environment, it is extremely important to check the average age of students in the class. The Parent Portal will NOT automatically narrow your selection based on your student’s age. We suggest choosing a class where the average age is within one year of your child’s age. Ages are listed with years and months; for example, a three and a half year-old’s age is listed as 3:6.

What if I cannot find a class that fits my schedule?

Call us. We are here to help. We will look at the schedule with you to find a solution.

I cannot start right away. Can I book a class in advance?

Unfortunately, no. To uphold our open enrollment policy that lets your student start and move up to the next level at any time, you must choose the first available class. For example, if you are online on a Thursday and choosing a Friday class, it will start the next day. If you need to delay your enrollment, you must log in again when you are ready to enroll. However, please note availability changes daily, and we cannot guarantee that the same class will still be open.

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